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Technology Cover

2018-11-13, TDK - Robust capacitors offer an increased rated voltage

TDK Corporation's new series of EPCOS MKP Y2 capacitors provide a permissible rated voltage of 350VAC. The capacitances of the B3203 series range from 4.7nF to 1.2µF. Even under severe environmental conditions, the capacitors provide a stable capacitance value.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, Analog Devices - Back-up power manager can support two supercapacitors (LTC4041)

The LTC4041 from Analog Devices uses an on-chip bi-directional synchronous converter to provide high-efficiency step-down supercapacitor charging.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, RECOM - Low profile DOSA converters offer excellent efficiency

RECOM’s latest innovation improves the power density of DOSA-packaged DC-DC converters to a new level. The RPM modules stand out due to their excellent efficiency of up to 99%, allowing a low-profile package ideal for applications where space is critical.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, Panasonic - New capacitor series contributes to automotive safety and high reliability

The new AEC-Q200 qualified ECWFG series (Metallised Polypropylene Film Capacitors) from Panasonic Industry Europe has an operating temperature range of -40C to 110C; a rated voltage of 630VDC and a nominal capacitance range of 1µF to 4.7µF.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Texas Instruments - RF-sampling ADC directly samples input frequencies from DC to over 10GHz (ADC12DL3200)

The ADC12DL3200, from Texas Instruments, is an RF-sampling, giga-sample, ADC that will directly sample input frequencies from DC to over 10GHz. In the dual-channel mode, the device can sample up to 3200MSPS and in single-channel mode up to 6400MSPS.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Analog Devices - PCB offers extra features for easy system evaluation (DEMO-AD7124-DZ)

Analog Devices’ DEMO-AD7124-DZ Printed Circuit Board incorporates extra features for easy system evaluation. The RTD, thermocouple or pressure sensor can be joined via the eight-pin connector, J5.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, ROHM - New CMOS Op-Amp delivers leading-class low noise (LMR1802G-LB)

ROHM has added an op-amp that produces what is claimed to be the industry’s best performance against external noise optimised for consumer devices and industrial equipment.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Diodes Incorporated - Bidirectional buffer provides automatic connection and isolation for serial busses

Diodes Incorporated offers the PI6ULS5V9511A I2C/SMBus buffer which allows hot-swappable line-cards in ‘always-on’ networks, and is offered in a variety of packages.

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, RECOM - AC/DC modules for Industry 4.0, IoT and smart home applications

RECOM has increased its low power AC/DC portfolio with encapsulated 5W power supplies, which work up to +90C. They can take input voltage lines of up to 305VAC and give peak power capability up to 6W.

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, Texas Instruments – HDMI to FPD-Link III bridge serialiser supports video and audio data transmission control (DS90UH949A-Q1)

The Texas Instruments DS90UH949A-Q1 is a HDMI-to-FPD-Link III bridge device which, paired with the FPD-Link III DS90UH940A-Q1/DS90UH948A-Q1 deserialisers

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, Analog Devices - Demonstration board evaluates the performance of μModule regulator (DC2527A-B)

Analog Devices DC2527A-B Demonstration Board evaluates the performance of their LTM4646 dual 10A or single 20A high-efficiency, switch mode step-down power μModule Regulator.

Technology Cover

2018-10-09, Toshiba - Automotive ultra-low MOSFETs improve thermal performance

Toshiba Electronics Europe launched their TPWR7940PB and TPW1R104PB, 40V N-channel power MOSFETs using DSOP Advance (WF) packages with double-sided cooling capability.

Technology Cover

2018-10-09, Texas Instruments - Low-power, rail-to-rail in/out operational amplifier for cost-sensitive systems (TLV6001-Q1)

The TLV6001-Q1 single operational amplifier, from Texas Instruments, is for general-purpose automotive applications.

Technology Cover

2018-10-09, AVX - New simulation tool for a wide range of capacitors

AVX Corporation has released the new SpiCAT online simulation tool. Created with users in mind, new simulation software provides access to two separate portals – SpiMLCC and SpiTAN.

Technology Cover

2018-10-09, Littelfuse - High-temperature TRIAC helps designers improve thermal management

Littelfuse has introduced six series of high-temperature sensitive, standard and alternistor TRIAC, created for use as semiconductor switches in appliances and equipment powered by line AC voltages up to 220VRMS.

Technology Cover

2018-10-03, Bel Fuse - New axial lead battery strap series fuses for rechargeable battery packs

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection has released their latest Axial Lead Battery Strap PTC fuses, the 0ZSA and 0ZSC Series.

Technology Cover

2018-10-03, Apacer - SSD integrates both controller and flash memory on one single chip

Apacer has launched their latest industrial 3D NAND micro SSD, SV170-µSSD, in response to the worldwide growth in data traffic for industries.

Technology Cover

2018-10-03, Nexperia - Small logic package can be used without a step-down mask

Nexperia has released the four-pin X2SON4 package which is claimed to be the smallest logic package that can be used without necessitating an expensive and fragile step-down mask. Consequently, PCB assembly is easier, quicker, more reliable and more cost-effective.